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(Current patients only)

Attention New Patients…

Online bookings cannot be used for booking as a New Patient. 

It is only available to patients who have already consulted with Dr. Greg.

To book a New Patient appointment, please phone ChiroBox on (02) 6059 0620.

Experiencing Difficulty Using Online Booking?

Our online booking system usually works well. However, nothing online is ever 100% foolproof. If you are experiencing any difficulty using our online booking system, please let us know on your next visit or phone ChiroBox on (02) 6059 0620.

The most common issue occurs when a patient enters details that do not exactly match their details on our system. For example, their address is ‘123 High Street’ on our system and they enter ‘123 High St’ on the online booking form. If something like this happens to you, this error message will appear:

The best way to avoid this happening is to enter your unique booking code into the online booking form. By doing so, you avoid needing to enter all your details and the system will be able to proceed with making your booking.

Don’t Know Your Booking Code?

If you don’t know your unique booking code, please ask for it at reception on your next visit, or by phoning us on (02) 6059 0620.

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