Our chiropractic : different than what you think

It may surprise you to learn that the true purpose of chiropractic isn’t to “fix bad backs” or “crack sore necks”. While many people feel great relief from aches and pains, relief of symptoms is merely a happy “by-product” of receiving chiropractic care. 

What chiropractic is about is keeping you happy, strong and healthy by making sure the flow of information between your brain and body is well maintained. Any interference to this flow of information along your nervous system has the potential to upset the proper function of your body and may result in body pain, illness and a reduction of overall quality of life.

The master control system of your body

Your nervous system is the master system controlling and regulating all the functions of your body. In fact, you experience every aspect of your life through your nervous system. The sound of a child’s laughter. The smell of a a beautiful flower. Or watching the sunset on the beach. All are experienced through your nervous system. The better the quality of your nervous system, the better the quality of your time on this planet!

" The nervous system controls and coordinates all of the organs and structures of the human body. "
Gray's Anatomy
Henry Gray
Gray's Anatomy textbook

Neuro interference

A common source of interference to the nervous is known as vertebral subluxation complex (aka VSC, or, more simply, a “subluxation”).

While somewhat oversimplified, you can think of a subluxation as having two main components: 1. biomechanical, and 2. neurological. All this means is there are areas of the spine that are not moving properly and this is upsetting the proper function of the nervous system, i.e. neuro interference.

The exact consequences of the neuro interference triggered by a subluxation is difficult to pinpoint from person to person. However, logic and emerging research would suggest that there is potential for significant disruptions to the normal, healthy function of the body.

Salutogenesis : a new approach in healthcare

Rather than “treat” specific symptoms or conditions like many of healthcare providers do, we prefer to help our patients by removing the neuro interference triggered by a subluxation. Doing so ‘sets the stage’ for the body to return to a state of normal function where it can heal itself and express better health. We find this different approach produces better, longer-lasting outcomes for our patients.

Our approach is based on a salutogenic model of healthcare. ‘Salutogenesis’ means ‘sources of health’ and focuses on solution-focused factors that promote health; rather than the traditional approach of problem-focused treating conditions and illness. In a nutshell, the outcome goal for our patients is better health!

" In a nutshell, the outcome goal for my patients is always better health! "
Dr. Greg Kendall | Wodonga Chiropractor
Dr. Greg Kendall
The Wellness Chiropractor
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